Poverty is complicated. The story behind the photo…

Sometimes, when I’m on assignment for Holt International, I see or hear something that gets a brief reaction from me, that causes me to turn the camera and capture the moment, but I don’t have the whole story. This photo and story is one of those situations. I took this photo. I knew this little girl had a a challenging life, but I really had no idea. Fortunately, a brilliant writer and Holt International’s creative director was also there. She captures the story of Phal and the story behind the shot. Continue reading “Poverty is complicated. The story behind the photo…”


I recently was on assignment in India for Holt International @holtintl. I really don’t have words to describe experiences so I’ll bring you a few images. I confess, I have a few that I’m rather pleased with so you may see several of them over time.

Outside looking in.

Going GAGA

Get Away Give Away is a mission trip to Mexico that happens every spring break. And every year for over 20 years I have had the privilege of creating a new design for them. (Yeah, I was like 12 when I made their first design. I wish…)  We start with a bible verse for reference. This is followed by any input the client, Eugene Friends Church, might choose to share. I go looking at what is popular for colors and what design themes seem to be popular with the main group wearing these shirts. Teens. Here is the 2018 design:

You can see other shirt designs by Blue Moose Graphics and I bet you even spy a couple of other GAGA designs while you’re there. http://bluemoosegraphics.com/design/t-shirt-art/

Somewhere in there…

You saw the cars now see the rest of the design. Though the cars take a huge amount of time to draw, the designing of the overall lay out can be rather time consuming as well. In the case of this project, I create the background graphics first then mock in some different car angles until the client lake the overall layout.