Moving into the light…

A slot canyon in Borrego State Park, Borrego Springs, CA.

It has been suggested that I spend more time editing some of my photography. Not because it’s bad, rather to make it more appealing to judges of photo contests. Peer recognition and public accolades are not something I would usually seek, but it does bring a little added credibility to the art. So, I’m trying out this image with a bit of a boost to the contrast and saturation. The home page of my site has the unedited version. I may transition to this version depending on what the feedback might be. 

It’s gonna be a long night…

Taken in Bengaluru, India. An elderly woman strings small blossoms into long garlands that people will buy for morning prayers in just a few hours. She will work well into the early hours of the morning to see a six foot strand for about $2 or less that took her several hours to string.

elderly woman stringing flowers

Haiti 2018

Poverty is complicated. The story behind the photo…

Sometimes, when I’m on assignment for Holt International, I see or hear something that gets a brief reaction from me, that causes me to turn the camera and capture the moment, but I don’t have the whole story. This photo and story is one of those situations. I took this photo. I knew this little girl had a a challenging life, but I really had no idea. Fortunately, a brilliant writer and Holt International’s creative director was also there. She captures the story of Phal and the story behind the shot. Continue reading “Poverty is complicated. The story behind the photo…”


I recently was on assignment in India for Holt International @holtintl. I really don’t have words to describe experiences so I’ll bring you a few images. I confess, I have a few that I’m rather pleased with so you may see several of them over time.

Outside looking in.